ep. 1 – Tejas Menon

EP 1 - Tejas

Tejas Menon is a singer/songwriter, podcaster, guitarist, founding member of GeekFruit, and all around superstar. Tejas schools me on the impact of Star Wars on our modern reality. We compare/contrast our experiences growing up in Indian diaspora communities abroad, weigh the merits of the “follow your dreams” narrative, and share our perspectives on being freelance creatives in a time where the means of productions are more accessible than ever while the world around us appears more volatile. Tejas is a great friend and conversationalist. His latest full length album ‘Make It Happen’ is available on all major streaming platforms along with his other releases.

Here are Tejas’ socials:

Instagram: @tejasmenon1989

Twitter: @tejasmenon

SoundCloud: musicbytejas

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