ep. 2 – David Abraham

EP 2 - David

David Abraham is a singer, songwriter, composer, and frontman of the Mumbai based indie-rock outfit, The Koniac Net. We start off a little slow, but then the conversation gets pretty lively. David and I rally back and forth regarding various bands and artists – how, when, and where we got into them. We discuss the perils of when genre-labels like “indie-rock” and “alternative” become mere verbalisms and what it all even means. Finally, Dave gives us a run down of The Koniac Net releases thus far, what’s next for the band, his burgeoning solo identity, and the bands exciting but scary (maybe) trip to play a rock festival in Finland.

You can find David Abraham on instagram via @diggidydamndave

You can check out The Koniac Net’s latest album called ‘They Finally Herd Us’ (produced by yours truly) on all major streaming platforms along with the rest of their releases.

Here are some of their social media links:

Instagram: @thekoniacnet

Twitter: @thekoniacnet

SoundCloud: thekoniacnet

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