AndrewLIVE – Walk Blind EP

AndrewLIVE Walk Blind
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It is our pleasure to present you all with The Walk Blind EP.
I’d like to thank AndrewLIVE for blessing me with this project to work on. He has written some wonderful melodies and thoughtful lyrics for me to supply music to… to allow me to do the only thing that I know how to do, and for that I am eternally grateful.
Thank you to Krystal Kiran for helping us make a video for the project.
Thank you to Bob Gundu for lending us the camera so that we could make the video.
Thank you to my girlfriend Denise Mattos for being so uncommonly supportive of me through the most difficult time in my life.
Thank you to my Mom for putting up with my vagabond artist lifestyle and all the consequences that come along with it.
Thank you to all my friends that have encouraged me and continue to believe in my work.
I’d like to dedicate this record to my father, Arya K Bal, for I am sure that any musical talent that I might have was inherited from him.

AndrewLIVE · Walk Blind EP

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