Roundelay – There Might Just Be Enough Time

Roundelay - TJMBET

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Whenever I produce an LP, it’s always hugely sentimental affair…
…so before I start rambling uncontrollably…
…I’d just like to thank Andrew Wiseman for tracking the drums on this album so well.
Many thanks to James Robinson for contributing the beautiful organ parts on Holy Folk and Tidal Waves. Big shout out to Jeremy Kiehl for shouting along with me on Ordeal Or No Deal, and for the blessings of Roundelay alumni. Infinite gratitude to Jason D’Souza of Frank Gabriel Audio for letting me use his brand-spankin’-new studio to mix this album (and for listening to countless iterations of it together with me). Much respect to Kristian Montano of Sun K for mastering this album brilliantly.
Thank you Tej Hunjan, Mark Howard, Jeanette Bruce, Devon Wells, Laura Weinhardt, Christa Angell, Bhasker Murthy, Zoe Dempster, Pat and Betty Lahey, Pepa Chan, Geoff Boyd, Chris Sparks, Vab and Liz Sethi for housing me as I embarked on producing a record across Canada and the Atlantic whilst being homeless…
I’m forever grateful to the members of Roundelay – Michael Lahey, Brad Nichols, Joe Tucker, and Logan Wall – Thank you for trusting me with your music, for opening your homes, and for feeding me.
The new album from Roundelay, There Just Might Be Enough Time, is available on all the usual platforms and at Fred’s Records in downtown St. John’s.
What an epic time that we will never forget!
The drums were tracked in a studio in Toronto. The bass was tracked in a museum in Whistler. The guitars were recorded in the village of Pouch Cove. The vocals were tracked above the only Pakistani restaurant (that I know of) in downtown St. John’s. The songs were mixed in Andheri, Mumbai. Finally, the songs were mastered at Lacquer Channel Studios in Toronto.
It is incredibly meaningful to finally contribute something to the music scene in my home town.
I’ve known the members of Roundelay since before there was a Roundelay.
It was an utter joy to travel to such far-flung parts of Canada and to spend such quality time with some of my oldest friends.
Thanks so much for making this record with me… it’s one of the most meaningful things I’ve ever been a part of.
Let’s do it again!

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