ep. 4 – Jishnu Guha aka Short Round


Jishnu ‘Short Round’ Guha is a film maker, singer, songwriter, guitarist, podcaster, and colourful-sock aficionado. Jishnu manages to get me to divulge my daknam and schools me on the Marvel cinematic universe. We discuss various accents, pronunciations, dialects, and colloquialisms in English and Indian English. And Jishnu’s got a helluva story about filming Buddy Guy at the Mahindra Blues Festival.

You can hear Short Round’s latest album ‘Favourite Strangers’ (produced by yours truly) along with his other releases on all major streaming platforms.

Instagram: @short__round

Geek Fruit: http://www.geekfruit.in                                                                                           Instagram: @geekfruithq

Mosambi Juice Productions: http://www.mosambijuiceproductions.com/                        Instagram: @mojuproductions                                                                                                        Vimeo: mosambijuiceproductions

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