ep. 3 – Zain Calcuttawala

EP 3 Zain Calcuttawala

Zain Calcuttawala is a musician, producer, engineer, educator, and all-round audio professional based in Mumbai. He also advocates for greater awareness and understanding around mental health and related issues. This is a great conversation with a pretty straight-forward description. We spend the first hour talking about esoteric music production techniques. We spend the remaining time speaking about mental health from a few different angles.

If you’re not into super technical music production jargon but want to get to the mental health stuff, you can skip ahead past the 60 minute mark.

This was a very illuminating conversation for me.

Zain has worked with artists like Short Round, Raghav Meattle, and Flying Shoe, among others. You can find Zain on instagram via @bullibainbridge and bullibainbridge on SoundCloud.

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