Short Round – Favourite Strangers

Short Round - Favourite Strangers

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Pleased to announce the release of Favourite Strangers by Short Round. Available on all streaming platforms.
I’m super grateful to Jishnu Guha for trusting me with these songs, and super lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such talented musicians in the form of Aditya Ashok, Adil Kurwa, Maalavika Manoj, Aria Nanji, Rohan Rajyadaksha, Bradley Tellis, and Mr. Short Round himself.
Big shouts to Kristian Montano for doing such an incredible job on the mastering tip as always. Much love to Jason D’Souza for all the help and basically sponsoring my life (none of my last three album productions would have been possible without him and the generous use of his studio).
There are a lot of other fine folks that made this project possible so here are the album credits : )

Album Credits

Aditya Ashok – Drums
Jishnu Guha – Guitars, Vocals
Adil Kurwa – Bass
Maalavika Manoj – Vocals
Aria Nanji – Vocals
Rohan Rajyadaksha – Keys, Vocals
Bradley Tellis – Guitars on track 9
Produced and Mixed by Arnob Bal for Floss Daily Productions
Mastered by Kristian Montano for Montano Mastering
Assistant Engineer in Chief is Jason D’Souza for Frank Gabriel Audio
Drums and Acoustic Guitars Engineered by Zain Calcuttawala
Drums tracked at Island City Studios with help from Ashyar Balsara and Samarth Chawla
Album artwork by Duhrivative
Album photography by Parizad D
Special thanks to Hossi & Elsie Nanji for allowing us to track their lovely grand piano in their home
Special thanks to Jason D’Souza for generous use of the Frank Gabriel Audio mixing room
Extra special thanks to Shimmy for tolerating me recording and generally hanging around in her home ALL the time
Special thanks to Viraj Chheda for letting us track emergency bass at The Stu
Special thanks to Clayton Hogermeer for hanging out and joining us on hand claps

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