Sleepless In Andheri West

[BANNER] Sleepless


Sleepless In Andheri West began by accident – as an exercise in sampling. The goal, very much in the spirit of the series Against The Clock, was simply to make beats as quickly as possible.

At first, the choice to exclusively use samples from old Hindi film songs was not intentional. Rather, classic and retro Bollywood music just happens to be a goldmine for any sampling enthusiast.

After a few beats with a similar aesthetic began to emerge, the idea of blending it all together into a beat tape seemed like an excruciatingly obvious, but also thoroughly gratifying idea.

Upon reaching what seemed like an appropriate number of tracks, the challenge shifted to connecting it all together using clips of speech lifted from various lectures, podcasts, instagram posts, and also a clip from a TV  series.

Sleepless In Andheri West features intentionally minimalist production – just samples, drum programming, and one synth for bass. It is the companion piece to the upcoming, Nobody Ever Comes To VP, which features samples taken exclusively from Toronto-centric music circa 1995 – 2005.

Much gratitude to Kristian Montano for mastering this beat tape.
Massive shouts to Taarika John for creating the artwork.

Listen below

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