ep. 6 – Suyasha Sengupta aka Plastic Parvati


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Suyasha Sengupta (aka Plastic Parvati) is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer, and headstand enthusiast based in Kolkata. I first saw Suyasha perform as the front-woman for The Ganesh Talkies in 2015. I was blown away by the sheer energy of the band and I’ve been a fan of her music ever since. Suyasha takes us through her early influences, the formation of The Ganesh Talkies, and her solo work as Plastic Parvati. We jam about music production, synthesis, yoga, and mental health (among other topics).

You can find Plastic Parvati here:

Soundcloud: Suyasha

Instagram: plasticparvati

Facebook: plasticparvatimusic

You can find The Ganesh Talkies here:

Soundcloud: ganeshtalkies

Instagram: theganeshtalkies

Facebook: GaneshTalkies


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