Mali – Caution To The Wind

Listen On: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Bandcamp Extra Content Highlights from the producers chairAge Of Limbo (Official Video)Absolute (Official Video)Mundane (Karaoke Video)Live Again (Official Video)Sitting On The Fence (Official Video) Album Credits Mali - Vocals, PianoJehangir Jehangir - DrumsStuart DaCosta - BassTejas Menon - Guitar Jishnu Guha - Guitar on ‘Horoscope’Apurv Isaac - Guitar on … Continue reading Mali – Caution To The Wind

ep. 29 – Brad Kilpatrick

Brad Kilpatrick is a drummer, percussionist, producer, engineer, and generally outstanding musician based in Toronto. We cover a lot of topics in this expansive conversation. Brad gives some insight into the difference between the world of classical music and the rock/pop scene. He speaks extensively about his process when composing and recording drum parts for … Continue reading ep. 29 – Brad Kilpatrick

ep. 25 – Kathleen Williamson

Kathleen Williamson is an Attorney Emeritus, Doctor of Philosophy in anthropology, and singer/songwriter based in Tucson, Arizona. Kathleen shares some gems from her vast archive of lived experiences and accumulated insight. Born in the 1950's, Kathleen has a unique perspective on the many paradigm shifts that have occurred over her lifetime. She gives us a … Continue reading ep. 25 – Kathleen Williamson

ep. 6 – Suyasha Sengupta aka Plastic Parvati

A Comprehensive List Of Organizations To Donate To For Super-cyclone Amphan Relief. Suyasha Sengupta (aka Plastic Parvati) is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer, and headstand enthusiast based in Kolkata. I first saw Suyasha perform as the front-woman for The Ganesh Talkies in 2015. I was blown away by the sheer energy of the band … Continue reading ep. 6 – Suyasha Sengupta aka Plastic Parvati

ep. 4 – Jishnu Guha aka Short Round

Jishnu 'Short Round' Guha is a film maker, singer, songwriter, guitarist, podcaster, and colourful-sock aficionado. Jishnu manages to get me to divulge my daknam and schools me on the Marvel cinematic universe. We discuss various accents, pronunciations, dialects, and colloquialisms in English and Indian English. And Jishnu's got a helluva story about filming Buddy Guy … Continue reading ep. 4 – Jishnu Guha aka Short Round

ep. 3 – Zain Calcuttawala

Zain Calcuttawala is a musician, producer, engineer, educator, and all-round audio professional based in Mumbai. He also advocates for greater awareness and understanding around mental health and related issues. This is a great conversation with a pretty straight-forward description. We spend the first hour talking about esoteric music production techniques. We spend the remaining time … Continue reading ep. 3 – Zain Calcuttawala

Roundelay – There Might Just Be Enough Time

Listen on Spotify and Apple Music Support via bandcamp Gratitude Whenever I produce an LP, it’s always hugely sentimental affair… …so before I start rambling uncontrollably… …I’d just like to thank Andrew Wiseman for tracking the drums on this album so well. Many thanks to James Robinson for contributing the beautiful organ parts on Holy … Continue reading Roundelay – There Might Just Be Enough Time

ep. 2 – David Abraham

David Abraham is a singer, songwriter, composer, and frontman of the Mumbai based indie-rock outfit, The Koniac Net. We start off a little slow, but then the conversation gets pretty lively. David and I rally back and forth regarding various bands and artists - how, when, and where we got into them. We discuss the perils of when genre-labels like "indie-rock" and "alternative" become mere verbalisms and what it all even means. Finally, Dave gives us a run down of The Koniac Net releases thus far, what's next for the band, his burgeoning solo identity, and the bands exciting but scary (maybe) trip to play a rock festival in Finland.

ep. 1 – Tejas Menon

Tejas Menon is a singer/songwriter, podcaster, guitarist, founding member of GeekFruit, and all around superstar. Tejas schools me on the impact of Star Wars on our modern reality. We compare/contrast our experiences growing up in Indian diaspora communities abroad, weight the merits of the “follow your dreams” narrative, and share our perspectives on being freelance creatives in a time where the means of productions are more accessible than ever while the world around us appears more volatile than ever. Tejas is a great friend and conversationalist. His latest full length album ‘Make It Happen’ is available on all major streaming platforms along with his other releases.