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Ever since I decided (back in junior high school) that I wanted to live to make records, my singular goal has been to create an album that I can be completely proud of – front to back – no amendments.

Today I can say that I have accomplished this goal.
The soul is smiling.

With a great deal of pride, I present to you the debut LP from AndrewLIVE, LIVE from the 32nd Floor.

You can stream the whole album here…

We wrote and recorded the whole thing from our 32nd floor apartment in east Toronto.

Firstly, I would like to thank YOU THE LISTENER. For anyone that bothered to listen to ANY material that I have posted from this project or any other in the past. In an age where music is considered disposable (often literally) and everyone has a friend in a band that wants you to “check out my stuff man” – Every listen, hit, play, like, comment, has been GREATLY appreciated.
I understand that everyone has hectic and busy lives and if you have taken even a small portion of your time to lend your ears to my work, I am forever grateful. I mean that fully and completely. My greatest hope is that you like what you hear.

I would like to thank God (or the Universe, Cosmic Consciousness, Laws Of Random Circumstance, or whatever doesn’t offend you) for blessing me with the skills, ability and experience to finally accomplish my dreams.

I would like to thank my parents for supporting me (despite the dramatic influence of cultural/social norms) in pursuing something that must fit the definition of “pipe dream” more accurately than any other line of work (or any other type of dream, for that matter).

I would like to thank my mother for teaching me the qualities (among countless others) of perseverance and discipline – without which I surely would have given up long ago.
I would like to thank my father for passing along his artistic and creative spirit. I wish he could hear this and understand what it is that I have accomplished. I’m sure he’d love it.

I would like to thank all the teachers (musical and otherwise) that had a positive influence on me and chose to encourage me rather than not. To my music teachers (of which there are too many to mention), I am reminded of your guidance and instruction on a daily basis. Included in those who have taught me my craft are my closest musical friends. All of your influences are evident in my playing. I see and hear you all on these tracks. I am sure that you are all sitting behind me when I pick up an instrument.

I would like to thank all of my very great friends around the world who have showed their support for me even through the most difficult times. The ones who heard some of my most horrendous material and still saw something in there to encourage me. The ones who shared my ‘not-so-horrendous’ and ‘even-sometimes-good’ material over the years. The friends who took the effort to reach out during my most hermit like phases to make sure I was still ticking.
As an only child, my best friends are like my closest family… and my best family are like my closest friends. You all know who you are and I know you can all work that one out yourselves. Together, you have all helped to shut the gates just before the last minions of my sanity would flee the complex.

I would like to thank all of the artists (of which there are FAR too many to name) who have inspired me along my path and lead me to this point. I am humbled to be aware that all I know was simply passed down to me through the vast continuum of expanding human knowledge.

I would like to thank St. John’s, Newfoundland, CANADA for being the MOST AMAZING place that I get to say that I’m from. I proudly proclaim this to everyone I meet around the world. And… although Andrew is from Pouch Cove, I’m quite sure that he’s spent a lot of time in St. John’s : P
We may both live in Toronto, but Newfoundland is what produced us.
Many people will refuse to believe that such a record can come from a place like Newfoundland.
–> Fuck those people.

I would like to thank Ross Connolly, Adrian Gagnon and James Hooper for their most valuable insight regarding the mastering process for this record. Thank you for your ears and advise. I think it sounds dece right?

Lastly, and most importantly….
Thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to produce and perform with you on this – YOUR debut solo album.
Thank you for putting just as much effort into composing each lyric and considering every melodic nuance as I did into crafting and mixing each instrumental for this album (plus the many others songs that we are still working on).
Thank you for actually giving a fuck about the work that I put into this record (few other vocalists ever did).
Thank you for presenting me with a project that has forced me to push myself as a musician/composer/producer/engineer.
Thank you for presenting me with a project that would ultimately have me reach some arbitrary and abstract standard that I set for myself as a teenager.
You have done a phenomenal job on each and every one of these songs. It has been a pleasure (despite the excessive housework) to watch you evolve into the songwriter that you have become.
You may write from your own perspective and life experience, but given our shared lot (literally) as starving musicians – you have done an incredible job of speaking for me as well. I am sure that your words will strike the strongest of chords with so many of us (from so many walks of life), who are struggling in manifold ways.


Dear listener,
Pay attention to every word that AndrewLIVE is spitting at you. If you do, I swear you will see vividly what it is like to throw away so much in the blind hope of some higher fulfilment. You will understand longing and loss. You will catch a glimpse into the mindset that stands up to myriad projectile life obstacles. You will understand that unshakable confidence can only come from the direct confrontation of your own insecurities. (And that’s just MY interpretation… listen for yourself and draw your own conclusions).

I have NO IDEA how we made this record.
(and I was there)
There is absolutely NO REASON why two random fuckups should be able to make a record that sounds THIS GOOD from their 32 storey apartment in some shitty corner of Toronto that nobody in Toronto ever wants to visit.
(East York stand up)

Congratulations AndrewLIVE on your debut LP. Producing it has been the most important task of my life.
So congrats to me also I guess.
Bring the next one.

Thank you for listening
& please enjoy : D

Arnob Bal
Floss Daily Productions

AndrewLIVE · LIVE from the 32nd Floor

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